Employee Recognition Software Reviews

Find the best employee recognition software for your business

Best For Big Business

Flexible and robust, white glove implementation, good international support/rewards

1. Awardco

2. Kudos

3. Fond

Best For Small Business

Easy to get started, low pricing, low maintenance

1. Bonusly

2. Nectar

3. Qarrot

Best Integrations

HRIS integrations, common business tool integrations, and additional integrations

1. Cooleaf

2. Bucketlist

3. WorkTango

Best UI & UX

Ease of use, low learning curve, minimal administrative hassle, nice design

1. Kudos

2. Bonusly

3. WorkTango

Best Analytics & Reporting

Reporting options, graphs and charts, filtering options, export options

1. Terryberry

2. Kudos

3. Fond

Best Support

Support options & availability, help center, other means of support

1. Reward Gateway

2. Awardco

3. Terryberry

ERS Guru is here to help you choose the best employee recognition program for your company.

We review and compare the best employee recognition software across a number of metrics, including user experience, rewards, integrations, analytics, support, and much more. Instead of wading through thousands of user-generated reviews, you can get insights from experts on employee recognition platforms. We have years of experience both working in the field and analyzing employee recognition software vendors. Take the guess work out of choosing an employee recognition program for your business with in-depth insights, rankings, and reviews from the best in the industry.

Different companies have different needs, so we don’t focus on overall rankings, which can be like comparing apples to oranges. Instead, we group employee recognition software into categories based on who can benefit from it the most. This includes ideal company size, reporting features, UI/UX, and other metrics to help you narrow down your choices to only the best recognition platforms for your business. We’ll help you find the best employee recognition tool for your needs quickly and easily.

Whether you’re looking for the best local or international employee recognition software, odds are you need certain features that allow you to meet your goals regarding employee experience. Want to know how a program manages HRIS integrations, if you’ll get dedicated support, or who offers a best-in-class team recognition platform? We can help you cut through the noise and find the perfect staff recognition software with our in-depth reviews. If you’re still deciding between two or more software solutions, you can check out our comparison profiles to see how individual employee recognition programs stack up against one another. And our alternative assessments help quickly find similar alternatives to a specific employee recognition application.