We are ERS Guru

The only Employee Recognition Software gurus

ERS Guru is a bit…

We don’t review every software out there, being a jack of all trades and master of none.

We don’t grab a bunch of basic stats about a software, slap it together,
and claim we’re experts.

We don’t collect a bunch of user -submitted reviews, expecting you
to filter through all the noise to find
the gold.

we focus
on one thing:

being the leading authority on employee recognition software

We can do so because we have real expertise, with years of experience working at leading employee recognition software companies and researching the competitors in this space. This industry is all that we do. And that’s what makes us the best at what we do.

No doubt, you’re hyper focused on your company’s employee experience, which is what drove you to research employee recognition solutions in the first place. So, it’s only fair that we hyper focus on those solutions to provide you the insights you need to find the best recognition software for your company.

Moreover, we’re pleased you care enough about little
ol’ us to read this page!

We look forward to playing a small part in helping you increase your employee engagement and improve your company culture.

The ERS Guru Team