Awardco Alternatives

These employee recognition platforms are the best Awardco competitors based on similarity.

Terryberry logo



Terryberry homepage

  • Recognition rules defined by different "award levels" let you setup a similar program, though users aren't separated into entirely different "recognition programs" like in Awardco.
  • Similarly in-depth, consultative approach to onboarding and implementation, but less extensive due to Terryberry's smaller feature set.
  • Large, varied reward catalog along with some unique service award options you won't find anywhere else.
  • Good variety of default reporting metrics and better graphical reporting.
  • Overall support not as comprehensive as that of Awardco, but the approach of having a dedicated support team for your account instead of just an account manager makes up for it.

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Empuls homepage

  • Recognition is predefined with its own rules for who/how to give, so you can create an approximation of how the Awardco program works, but within one recognition program instead of being able to create multiple.
  • Nice, modern user interface with relatively easy navigation.
  • Like Awardco, there's tons of control over how your recognition program works, though it's not quite as versatile.

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Vantage Circle


Vantage Circle homepage

  • Program setup can be similar with pieces of predefined recognition each having its own set of rules instead of having rules defined by separate "recognition programs".
  • User interface is clean and modern with easier navigation thanks to less complexity.
  • Integration suite covers most of what Awardco offers while adding a bit more, though there is no open API for a truly extensible experience.