Bonusly Alternatives

These employee recognition platforms are the best Bonusly competitors based on similarity.

Nectar logo



Nectar homepage

  • Clearly, Nectar draws inspiration from the same place as Bonusly, having a program setup and feature set very similar to that of Bonusly.
  • Has public pricing with a free plan that makes it easy to get started and even more attractive than Bonusly's no-card-required free trial.
  • Upgrading to a paid plans get implementation services and a dedicated account manager, whereas in Bonusly only larger companies get the same.
  • Like Bonusly, the user interface is clean and modern and provides for a hassle-free user experience.
  • Similar levels of support via email and chat, though phone support is only available on paid plans.

Motivosity logo



Motivosity homepage

  • Also a monetary peer-to-peer recognition with a monthly allowance given to users.
  • Flat, public pricing that matches the cost of Bonusly's highest-tier plan.
  • Comparable integrations, though slightly fewer.
  • Similarly basic reporting, but offers a selection of graphs, default reports, and filters.
  • Has few matching extra features such as surveys and mobile apps, but offers much more on the performance management side.

WorkTango Logo



WorkTango admin dashboard

  • Similar program setup with monetary peer-to-peer recognition with points that expire on cadence, except you get to choose the cadence.
  • A pleasing interface that maintains an ease of use, despite there being more to do than in Bonusly.
  • Very similar, compatible level of integrations with other platforms.