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The Bottom Line

While focusing on peer-to-peer recognition, Bonusly keeps things simple, which minimizes friction and maximizes ease of use. The result is a beautiful, sleek package that anybody can use, but which lacks the configurations and customization of some of its competitors. Learn more by checking out our Bonusly review below.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Very slick and attractive interface
  • Easy to use and low maintenance


  • Limited analytics
  • Some countries have few reward options
  • Very limited configuration options

How It Works

In Bonusly you set a monthly point allowance for users that can be used to award recognition to others. Allowance points are refreshed every month and do not roll over while earned points do roll over. Users can redeem their points for gift cards and charity donations.


Subscription Fees

Subscription fees depend on the type of plan you're on. Bonusly has two main plans:

Core: $2.70 per user per month if paid annually; $3 per user per month if paid monthly

Pro: $4.50 per user per month if paid annually; $5 per user per month if paid monthly

Both plans allow an unlimited number of users. The differences between the two are a few key features that are exclusive to the Pro plan: integrations with HRIS platforms; templates and budgets for special types of recognition; access to the Signals survey feature.

Point/Reward Budget

Reward fees cover the costs of the gift cards, donations, and cash outs that users redeem from the Bonusly catalog.

While users are given a monthly allowance of points, the points have no monetary value until they are awarded to someone else and redeemed for a reward from the catalog. So, regardless of the monthly allowance you set for your users, you only pay when someone is awarded points and redeems those points for a reward. You never pay for points that haven't been used or redeemed.

Bonusly offers two ways to pay reward fees:

Post-pay: you are charged whenever the total redemptions in your account exceed $100.

Pre-pay: you are charged upfront for an amount of your choosing to fund the rewards balance in advance.

Getting Started

Bonusly offers a free 2-week trial with no credit card required, making it easy to dive into the platform. Every trial account comes loaded with sample users and sample data, so you can easily begin playing around with the platform to see how things work. New accounts also have a “Setup guide” that keeps track of your progress as it walks you through the basics of setting up your account. The Bonusly platform is quite simple, so once you’ve made it through the setup guide, your account is pretty much good to go.

Alternatively, you can request a demo as an introduction to the platform, however this is only available to larger companies. Larger companies can also benefit from some white-glove implementation services to help them get their account up and running.

Ease of Use

Bonusly has a very modern, polished interface and prides itself on being easy to use. Aside from giving recognition and redeeming rewards, there’s not a lot that non-admin users can do. This simplicity makes Bonusly very user friendly. The learning curve is minimal and users will be able to hop in and immediately begin using the intuitive, social-media-like interface.

While admins obviously have access to a few more menu options and settings, these are also fairly simplified with limited options. This minimizes complexity, but means you won’t be able to fine tune the mechanics of how Bonusly works. What you see is mostly what you get, making Bonusly low maintenance for admins.

Reward Catalog

Bonusly’s reward catalog features hundreds of gift cards from the worlds most popular brands. There are about 200 gifts cards in the default catalog, which spans categories such as apparel, entertainment, experiences, food, and more. There are also about 50 charity options that allow you to donate to various major charities. Finally, there are cash out options such as Paypal and prepaid Visa/Mastercard that let you cash out your points directly.

Rewards can be gifted to people outside of the company, but the availability of rewards varies by country, with some developing countries having donations as the only reward option.



Bonusly offers a handful of default HRIS integrations with some of the bigger names in the field, such as BambooHR and Zenefits. These integrations allow you to automatically sync user info between your HRIS and Bonusly, so you don't need to worry about manually managing users.

If you use one of the many other HRIS platforms out there, you'll need to go with the "Custom SFTP" option. This option allows your HRIS to securely transfer a file containing your user info to Bonusly every ~24 hours. You'll need to reach out to support to have them configure this kind of integration with your HRIS vendor. There are a couple platforms that they are unable to integrate with, however, so you should confirm with them ahead of time if you intend to do this.


Single Sign On (SSO) lets your your users sign in to Bonusly using the same credentials they use to access other applications in your organization. Bonusly provides default integrations with a few familiar names, such as Okta and OneLogin:

To enable SSO with a different provider, you'd need to use custom configuration with SAML, which lets you configure Bonusly to work with a SSO provider of your choosing.

Common Tool Integrations

The chat tool integrations let users take advantage of Bonusly within the tools they are already familiar with, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat. Users won't need to disrupt their workflow and go to the Bonusly site in order to view and give bonuses.

Additional Integrations

Bonusly can integrate with the swag management platform AXOMO. AXOMO lets companies automate company swag by handling the fulfillment of apparel and other company-branded merchandise. By integrating an AXOMO store with Bonusly, your company's swag can appear in your Bonusly catalog and be purchased with Bonusly points.

Bonusly has a public API, which allows you to develop custom applications or functionality for your company's needs using Bonusly's system.

You can display recently awarded bonuses on screens throughout the office thanks to Bonusly's integration with digital signage software providers like ScreenCloud. You could even display Bonusly digital signage on any random screen by simply opening up a browser window on the screen and inputting the Bonusly signage URL.

There is also the Bonusly widget, which lets you embed the Bonusly homepage feed in your company's internal web applications. This lets users view and give bonuses within a company intranet or other internal application without having to visit Bonusly directly.

Analytics & Reporting

Bonusly offers some limited account analytics arranged in easy-to-read charts and graphs, but the accessibility comes at the expense of a lack of depth. You won’t be able to dig beyond the default surface metrics for more granular or complex data or edge-case information. In that case, you’d need to export the raw account data and perform some elaborate spreadsheet data manipulation on your own to find what you need.

The raw data you can export is the other side of Bonusly’s reporting. You can export spreadsheets of the complete recognition or rewards history of the account, filtered by users and/or dates. You can also export more narrow reports like the account’s participation reports and users’ earnings report.


Bonusly offers chat and email as its primary modes of support along with limited phone support. While they do have a support phone number you can reach out to, it can be difficult to get them on the phone without first scheduling a call via chat/email.

They also have a help center with a collection of articles that covers all the basics well. However, it’s not particularly comprehensive, so you may find it lacking when trying to dig into details or look beyond the basics.

Additional Features


Available only on the Pro plan, Bonusly also offers a survey platform called Signals.

Signals lets you send surveys to collect feedback from your employees. It’s integrated with the main Bonusly platform and, as an incentive, you can automatically award points for survey completion.

Much like the rest of the platform, Signals keeps things simple by only offering a few basic questions types with some limited configuration options. So while it’s enough to collect feedback, you won’t get the level of customization or utility you could expect from a full-fledged survey platform.

Mobile App

Bonusly has an app for both Android and Apple phones that allows you to give bonuses, view and interact with the bonus activity feed, use your points to redeem rewards, and access Signals surveys.

Additional Notes

  • All bonuses are public, require points be included, and can only be sent to other users in the account.
  • Can add points to a bonus with an add-on bonus.
  • Supports 3 languages: English, Spanish, French
  • The “allowance boost” reward allows users to increase their allowance balance to give away more points.

The Bottom Line

While focusing on peer-to-peer recognition, Bonusly keeps things simple, which minimizes friction and maximizes ease of use. The result is a beautiful, sleek package that anybody can use, but which lacks the configurations and customization of some of its competitors.