Bucketlist Alternatives

These employee recognition platforms are the best Bucketlist competitors based on similarity.

Vantage Circle logo

Vantage Circle


Vantage Circle homepage

  • Possible to replicate the same Bucketlist program setup, but offers the flexibility to do more.
  • A more polished interface that's just as easy to navigate.
  • Gift cards and local experiences are a major part of the reward catalog, but also offers physical products.
  • Basic analytics with minimal default reports.
  • Help center lacks breadth and depth alongside email being a primary support channel, though chat is the other primary channel whereas it's phone support for Bucketlist.

Qarrot logo



Qarrot homepage

  • Has the same recognition program configuration as bucketlist.
  • Similarly basic user interface, but with even more ease of use.
  • Reward catalog focuses on gift cards and charities, but lacks local experience options.
  • Basic set of reporting options.

Terryberry logo



Terryberry homepage

  • Can create the same type of recognition program, but also offers additional options.
  • Like Bucketlist, is very hands-on in helping you set up your recognition program for success and helping you launch.
  • Matches Bucketlist's reward options but also offers a variety of physical product options.