Recognize logo

Recognize Review

Recognize offers some powerful customization options to create a solid recognition program that uniquely fits your company, even if the end result doesn’t have the slick and polished look of some of its competitors and falls short for international employees.

Vantage Circle logo

Vantage Circle Review

Each of the four products that make up the Vantage Circle platform can add a considerable set of features to your employee recognition program, but their utility will depend on how far you want to go beyond a core recognition program that is otherwise fairly standard.

Terryberry logo

Terryberry Review

As a veteran in the employee recognition space that’s transitioned to digital, Terryberry lags in technical aspects like integrations and a slick user interface, but offers a high level of service in optimizing and maintaining your recognition program along with a strong background in specialty awards and trophies.

Reward Gateway logo

Reward Gateway Review

Moreso a full-fledged HR platform than an employee recognition software, Reward Gateway offers a robust platform and unique flexible employee benefits. However, the complexity of the platform and the unavailability of several features outside of the UK mean it’s not for everyone, especially those who simply need less.

Qarrot logo

Qarrot Review

Qarrot focuses on the basics of what an employee recognition software should offer. This focus makes Qarrot very easy to implement and use, but is also very limiting in how you can setup and configure it. It’s a good fit for those that just need a basic recognition program that simply works, but less so for other use cases.

Nectar logo

Nectar Review

As easy to use as it is to get started, Nectar offers a simple way to incorporate employee recognition software into your business, though this simplicity comes at the cost of customization and flexibility.

Motivosity logo

Motivosity Review

Motivosity offers a platform that’s easy to use and get started with, but its outdated, sometimes cluttered interface can be off-putting. Its performance management and employee satisfaction tools could be useful for those looking beyond just a recognition program, though there can be some buggy behavior in these secondary features.

Kudos logo

Kudos Review

Kudos provides a flexible platform with an emphasis on peer-to-peer recognition and some impressive analytics. Kudos’ additional features are reminiscent of a corporate social network at times, which may be more than needed for those looking to stick to the fundamentals of a recognition platform.

WorkTango Logo

WorkTango Review

WorkTango’s recognition features make for a decent peer-to-peer employee recognition program, but it’s true strengths don’t shine until you take advantage of its powerful performance management and survey offerings, which not every company will be interested in or willing to commit to.

Guusto logo

Guusto Review

With a free platform that’s flexible enough to fit most use cases, Guusto can be used by nearly all, but it’s lack of integrations and international rewards might make it impractical for some while its unpolished design might be unpalatable to others.