Fond logo

Fond Review

Fond’s platform offers an almost daunting array of rewards and discounts for users and a healthy amount of program customizations and integrations for admins. This may be excessive or overwhelming for some, but provides you with everything you need to create a strong employee recognition program.

Empuls logo

Empuls Review

Empuls gives you a ton of control over exactly how your recognition program is set up, but this level of control may be excessive or confusing for those who prefer to keep things simple.

Cooleaf logo

Cooleaf Review

With its emphasis on top-down recognition and earning points by completing challenges and meeting KPIs, Cooleaf could be a great fit for those looking to incentivize performance in their organizations, but less so for those seeking a more peer-led recognition culture.

Bucketlist logo

Bucketlist Review

Bucketlist has the fundamentals in place to create a solid recognition program and few platforms are as willing to be involved in every aspect of implementation and launch. However, it may lack the configuration options and feature set needed to support more demanding use cases.

awardco logo

Awardco Review

Awardco offers an incredibly flexible platform with a massive amount of reward options, but the daunting number of settings and configurations may be overwhelming for some and likely excessive for smaller companies.

Bonusly logo

Bonusly Review

While focusing on peer-to-peer recognition, Bonusly keeps things simple, which minimizes friction and maximizes ease of use. The result is a beautiful, sleek package that anybody can use, but which lacks the configurations and customization of some of its competitors.