Cooleaf Alternatives

These employee recognition platforms are the best Cooleaf competitors based on similarity.

Vantage Circle logo

Vantage Circle


Vantage Circle homepage

  • Can replicate Cooleaf's top-down recognition program, but also offers much more flexibility in program setup.
  • Initial account setup is tailored to your company and you are then assigned a dedicated rep for launch setup.
  • Modern user interface with intuitive navigation.
  • Reward catalog primarily features gift cards and physical products. Doesn't have company swag options like Cooleaf, but offers local experiences and events as additional reward options.
  • Has pulse surveys as well as the ability to setup challenges with their own leaderboard.

Reward Gateway logo

Reward Gateway


Reward Gateway homepage

  • Recognition program has the same setup as Cooleaf with only managers being able to give monetary recognition while for other users it is non-monetary.
  • Modern user interface, but has a higher learning curve for admins, though also more flexible.
  • Reward catalog offers gift cards and physical products via Amazon along with charity options, but no company swag options.
  • Admins can send out pulse surveys.

Empuls logo



Empuls homepage

  • Can recreate the Cooleaf program for top-down recognition, but provides more flexibility as well.
  • Good user interface that's easy to navigate.
  • Decent data vizualizations, but overall more basic than Cooleaf's analytics.
  • Like Cooleaf, primary support channel is email and features a help center better suited for breadth than depth.
  • Admins can send out pulse surveys, but additionally any user can send out individualized feedback request surveys.