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Empuls Review

The Bottom Line

Empuls gives you a ton of control over exactly how your recognition program is set up, but this level of control may be excessive or confusing for those who prefer to keep things simple.


  • 30-day free trial
  • Configuration options give complete control over your recognition program
  • Very good international rewards options
  • Powerful leaderboard that encourages desired behaviors


  • Has a learning curve that makes it easy to misconfigure something
  • Limited support options
  • Gift cards are the only reward option

How It Works

In Empuls admins create pre-defined pieces of recognition (aka awards) that users can distribute, each with its own specific givers, recipients, approvers, point value, and budget. Points from awards can be used to purchase a large variety of gift cards. Empuls users can also access corporate discounts at hundreds of global retailers.


Subscription Fees

Empuls has two main plans:

Starter: $2 per user per month if paid annually; $2.50 per user per month if paid monthly

Proficient: $3.60 per user per month if paid annually; $4 per user per month if paid monthly

The major difference between the two plans is the level of customization and personalization. The Proficient plan allows you to customize things like your rewards catalog, budget management, leaderboard settings, and even white label the entire platform so you can rebrand it under your company. There is also greater support with onboarding and a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Point/Reward Budget

When a user redeems their points for a reward, the cost of the reward is deducted from your redemption wallet. You can add money as often as you like to your wallet, but the wallet must have funds in it in order for users to redeem rewards. The amount you spend here will depend on the overall redemption activity of your users.

Getting Started

Empuls offers a 30-day free trial, making it easy to jump into the platform with no commitment for a full month. Alternatively, you can sign up for a demo and go through their sales and onboarding process for a more personalized approach.

Befitting a free trial platform, initial account setup and onboarding users is easy enough to figure out. However, understanding how budgets and awards work and their different customization options can be challenging and is where you can benefit from a more guided onboarding process.

Ease of Use

Empuls has a modern, if unremarkable, user interface.

Primary functions such as giving recognition, interacting with the feed, and redeeming rewards are immediately accessible upon logging in. Combined with personalized homepages that highlight high priority tasks, trending posts, and noteworthy notifications, using Empuls is straightforward for the average user.

Admins have access to a lot more functions, which are mostly tucked away on a “settings” page. The settings page further divides admin actions into a few broad categories. While simple, there can be some initial confusion about where certain settings are.

Empuls homepage

Reward Catalog

Empuls’ reward catalog features hundreds of gift cards across a diverse range of categories. Being headquartered in India and having a large Indian user base, Empuls has plenty of international rewards options, giving them a strong catalog of international reward options for international employees.

You can also add items to the catalog using custom rewards, though these are meant to be fulfilled by your company instead of automatically by Empuls.



Empuls ha a number of pre-made integrations with human resources information systems (HRIS). Thses integrations sync your user list with your human resources platform so you don't need to manage your users manually. While they have a few integrations for some of the major HRIS platforms, they also have several for lesser-known platforms that have more of an international user base.

If you use a HRIS that Empuls doesn't have a pre-made integration for, they also support custom SFTP integrations, which will allow you to connect any HRIS that can transfer your user file directly to Empuls' server.


While lacking pre-made single sign on (SSO) integrations, Empuls does support custom SSO configuration via SAML. This will allow you to connect Empuls to any SSO provider, so your users can log into Empuls using the same login credentials they use to access other business apps.

Common Tool Integrations

Empuls has integrations with the three major business communication tools: Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Facebook Workplace.

Additional Integrations

Empuls offers a Linkedin integration for the social sharing of recognition posts. With this integration, users can share recognitions as a post on their Linkedin page.

Analytics & Reporting

Empuls provides good data visualizations with filters and pivot points that allow you to adjust the data, but reporting overall is very basic. There are no preset downloadable reports, instead requiring you to download the raw data and analyze it yourself to find information outside of Empuls’ default graphs and charts.


Empuls’ primary support channel is email. Phone support is possible through scheduled calls if you have a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Their help center articles do a good job covering the basics of the entire platform, even though they don’t have a ton of depth.

Additional Features

Mobile Apps

Empuls has mobile apps for Android and Apple devices that retain most of the functionality found in the main web app, though admin functions are relatively limited.


Any user in Empuls can use surveys to gather feedback from managers, peers, or direct reports. Admins can use surveys to get feedback on organization-level initiatives or generate employee Net Promoter Scores (eNPS).


Empuls has a powerful leaderboard feature. Users earn points on the leaderboard by completing a large variety of customizable engagement actions. Since admins get to determine how many points an action is worth, they can encourage desired behaviors within their recognition program.

Additional Notes

  • Users are divided into work-related or interest-based groups/workspaces, each with its own feed, admins, and settings. All users are part of the “Townhall” group by default.
  • Has an employee directory. Each profile lists job title and a few tidbits like hobbies and languages.
  • Granular permission settings let admins determine exactly what each level of user (admins, managers, users) has access to in the platform.
  • Users can create polls to collect votes on any topic (e.g. where to go on a company retreat).
  • Users can nominate others for awards.

The Bottom Line

Empuls gives you a ton of control over exactly how your recognition program is set up, but this level of control may be excessive or confusing for those who prefer to keep things simple.