Fond Alternatives

These employee recognition platforms are the best Fond competitors based on similarity.

Kudos logo



Kudos homepage

  • Compatible program setup, except points to give away are distributed based on users' job titles.
  • Similar onboarding experience with the guidance of an onboarding specialist.
  • Stripped-down user interface, but has a cleaner aesthetic, though admins will find a similar learning curve.
  • Suite of integrations nearly the same, plus Microsoft Teams integration.
  • Diverse range of reports, but backed up with some powerful analytics.

Bucketlist logo



Bucketlist homepage

  • Same program setup with more options for the distributions of points to give away: weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  • Similarly standard boilerplate user interface, but easier to navigate.
  • Integration options are comparable with added benefit of Microsoft Teams integration.
  • Same email and phone support options, but only during standard business hours.

awardco logo



Awardco homepage

  • Can create a recognition program that functions the same, but there is also more flexibility (and added complexity) to create other types of programs.
  • Compatible suite of integrations, but also has a Microsoft Teams integration.
  • Also has a broad range of default downloadable reports.