Guusto Alternatives

These employee recognition platforms are the best Guusto competitors based on similarity.

Recognize logo



Recognize homepage

  • Program setup can be similar to Guusto, except instead of rules based on teams, they are based on the "badges" that users give with recognition.
  • Can get started with free trial and choose the level of launch support like with Guusto, but there's no free tier plan.
  • Comparable basic interface that lacks some polish and can be difficult for an admin to navigate.
  • Gift cards are the main item that can be redeemed and the reward catalog is highly configurable.
  • Has all the same integrations, and more.

Empuls logo



Empuls homepage

  • Can recreate your Guusto program setup, but instead of user/team-level rules, rules are defined at the recognition level with predefined pieces of recognition that users give out.
  • Can get started with free trial (though no free tier) and begin using platform, but like with Guusto, the complexity of it may draw you to their onboarding services.
  • Gift cards are the main reward option, but also provides more international gift card coverage.
  • Matches and exceed Guusto's integration suite.
  • Sticks to the basics with analytics and reporting.

Terryberry logo



Terryberry homepage

  • Comparable program setup is achievable, though instead of assigning users to teams, they are assigned to "award levels" that define what recognition they can give out.
  • Similarly unpolished user interface, but navigation is generally smoother.
  • Same set of integrations.