Motivosity Alternatives

These employee recognition platforms are the best Motivosity competitors based on similarity.

WorkTango Logo



WorkTango admin dashboard

  • Similar monetary peer-to-peer program with expiring points, except you get to choose the expiration cadence.
  • Comparable pricing, but requires minimum contract terms.
  • Matches Motivosity's integration suite and exceeds it with additional chat app integrations and an open API.
  • Similarly basic reporting features.
  • Like Motivosity, has several performance management tools and a survey platform that's best in class.

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Bonusly homepage

  • Same program setup with users getting a monthly allowance of monetary points to give to peers.
  • About the same pricing for the Pro plan, but no free plan.
  • You can get started with limited onboarding assistance, but they do have the option for hands-on implementation and support services for larger accounts.
  • Reward catalog is primarily gift cards, but also offers many charity donation options.
  • Same integrations, but also offers an open API.

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Bucketlist homepage

  • Program setup can be similar, but also has options to make recognition top-down or non-monetary and can choose from multiple point expiration cadences.
  • User interface is bland, but still feels a bit more modern than Motivosity.
  • Matches Motivosity's integration suite, but offers additional email client integrations.
  • Minimal reporting features providing perhaps even less data to dig into.
  • Email and phone are the two primary modes of support.