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Motivosity Review

The Bottom Line

Motivosity offers a platform that's easy to use and get started with, but its outdated, sometimes cluttered interface can be off-putting. Its performance management and employee satisfaction tools could be useful for those looking beyond just a recognition program, though there can be some buggy behavior in these secondary features.


  • Easy to use for average user
  • Globally accepted Visa card linked to a user’s earnings
  • Majority of help articles accompanied by video demonstration


  • Outdated user interface
  • Poor international rewards catalog
  • Limited report filters and export options
  • Very few pre-made HRIS integrations

How It Works

The Motivosity platform is made up of four products: Connect, Recognize, Lead, and Listen. You assign users to each based on the number of licenses you buy for each product. Connect and Recognize are the main parts of their peer-to-peer recognition program. Users are given a certain amount of Motivosity bucks every month. They can use these bucks to give recognition to other users. Earned bucks can be spent on gift cards or linked directly to Motivosity’s “Thanksmatters” Visa card, which effectively turns their earnings into a debit account.


Subscription Fees

The cost of Motivosity depends on which of its four products you're using and the number of licenses you buy for each. The Connect & Recognize products, which make up Motivosity's recognition program, costs $5 per user per month.

Point/Reward Budget

Your account's rewards balance funds the ability of users to cash in their spending balance. Motivosity bucks have a one-to-one exchange rate, so there is no guesswork or point conversions to consider.

Getting Started

Motivosity offers a free level of service with the “Connect” part of its platform, so you can sign up and begin using it immediately to add users who can give non-monetary recognition to each other.

However, adding the “Recognize” part of the platform is where Motivosity becomes a full-fledged recognition program with monetary recognition, rewards, milestone awards, etc. To enable this you must reach out to Motivosity. Even so, for onboarding you’re just given a few links and left to figure it out with minimal in-app guidance, though the platform isn’t particularly hard to learn.

Ease of Use

Motivosity’s interface feels outdated and a bit cluttered at times, but there is no denying it’s ease of use for the average user.

Most of the actions a standard user needs to take are fairly intuitive. They can login and immediately see the leaderboard and feed with options to give recognition or share a highlight.

For admins who find themselves needing to access different menus and settings to manage their company, things are organized in a mostly logical flow. Still, there’s an occasional menu option that might not be where you expect, but it’s easy to get used to.

Also helpful is Motivosity’s powerful searchable user database, which can help you find other users based on names, titles, and responsibilities.

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Reward Catalog

Motivosity has a decent-sized catalog of gift cards that users can spend their points on, but very limited international options.

However, Motivosity’s strongest rewards feature is its Thanksmatters Visa card. This card is directly linked to a user’s spending balance, so it’s like having a separate bank account that you can use anywhere Visa is accepted. And since Visa is accepted globally with with very few exceptions, the Thanksmatters card is a versatile and convenient way to spend the points you earn in Motivosity. It can also be added to Apple Pay, Google pay, Smasung pay, and Paypal.

In addition to these default options, you can also add custom rewards to your catalog. Custom rewards are fulfilled by the company instead of Motivosity. This is an option you’ll more likely than not need to use for charity options, since Motivosity’s donation options are slim.



HRIS integrations let you automatically manage your Motivosity users based on the activity in your HRIS. Motivosity only has very few pre-made HRIS integrations. All other HRIS integrations must be custom configured by having your HRIS periodically send a file containing your users to Motivosity.


Motivosity has a few pre-made Single Sign On (SSO) integrations, which allows users to sign into Motivosity using the same login credentials they use for other business apps. The pre-made integrations work with some of the biggest SSO providers, but there is also the option to setup custom integrations with other SSO providers.

Common Tool Integrations

Motivosity has the standard Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations as well as a fairly unique SharePoint integration for those who have setup their own companny intranet with SharePoint.

Additional Integrations

Motivosity offers integrations with two swag management platforms: VOX and AXOMO. These platforms allow you to setup company-branded swag and apparel that can be bought using Motivosity earnings. Once bought, fulfillment is handled by the swag management platform.

Motivosity also offers a kiosk mode which allows ou to display content from Motivosity on screens and monitors. Kiosk mode can display the leaderboard, recent recognitions, or a combintion of both via a dashboard view.

There is an open API with a good range of functionality for developing custom applications that interact with Motivosity, but the documentation is not very user friendly.

Analytics & Reporting

Motivosity provides a basic set of dashboards and reports covering the major activity on the platform along with a handful of data visualizations. There are limited filters and export options, however, making it difficult to get more granular or advanced in your analysis of the data. But you can schedule PDF report exports so they are periodically sent to an email of your choosing.


Motivosity primarily offers support over email via a ticketing system. You can submit and track your tickets in the help center. They also provide phone support during standard business hours.

Their help center offers a good range of help articles that cover just about any topic you’d need. The vast majority of articles are also accompanied by a video demonstration.

Additional Features

Motivosity Lead

Lead is Motivosity’s suite of performance management tools. It’s designed to help managers streamline 1-on-1 meetings, feedback, and setting priorities with their direct reports. It also gives senior leaders insight into how managers are developing their direct reports.

Lead is priced at an additional $6.50 per person per month, making it the most expensive of Motivosity’s four core products.

Motivosity Listen

Listen lets you gather and manage feedback from users. You can send out a quick pulse survey, rely on automated satisfaction surveys to track trends over time, or setup exit interview surveys for specific users.

Listen costs an additional $2 per person per month.

Mobile App

Motivosity’s Apple & Android mobile apps retain most of the functionality of the main site, allowing you to to see and interact with the feed, give recognition, and redeem gift cards, among other things. Though you will notice several missing features, such as the lack of access to the Insight or Setup tab.

Additional Notes

  • Profiles come with a four-question personality test and the ability to compare and contrast yourself with others in the organization.
  • Users can give external recognition to people outside the account. The recipient will be able to select a gift card of their choice.
  • Supports the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese, and Hindi.
  • Can “ditto” a piece of recognition and add on $1 to it. Ditto amount not adjustable.
  • Users can use their own spending balance to give recognition if they run out of giving bucks.
  • Can setup auto funding rules to fund account with X when balance drops below Y.

The Bottom Line

Motivosity offers a platform that's easy to use and get started with, but its outdated, sometimes cluttered interface can be off-putting. Its performance management and employee satisfaction tools could be useful for those looking beyond just a recognition program, though there can be some buggy behavior in these secondary features.