Nectar Alternatives

These employee recognition platforms are the best Nectar competitors based on similarity.

Bonusly logo



Bonusly homepage

  • Program setup nearly identical, with all users getting a monthly allowance for monetary peer-to-peer recognition, though it doesn't offer the option for only manager-to-peer recognition like Nectar.
  • Very similar pricing compared to Nectar's paid plans, but doesn't offer a free tier of service.
  • Has a good onboarding setup guides for self-serve customers while offering hands-on implementation and account management, though this is only available to larger accounts, while it's available to all paid plans on Nectar.
  • Attractive user interface that's easy to navigate.
  • Limited default reports but better analytics.
  • Chat and email are the primary support options with limited phone support.

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Motivosity homepage

  • Monetary peer-to-peer recognition with a monthly allowance of points.
  • Has a free plan, though it is non-monetary only.
  • Gift cards are the main rewards that can be purchased, but doesn't have Nectar's Amazon options.
  • Has better default HRIS integrations, but no integrations with swag management platforms like AXOMO.
  • Basic reporting and graphs.

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Qarrot homepage

  • Nectar's program setup can be replicated in Qarrot, but there's also more flexibility with options for top-down and/or non-monetary recognition as well as choosing the giving point refresh cadence.
  • Lacks the kind of setup guide present in Nectar, but the simplicity of the platform makes it just as easy to get started.
  • Gift cards and charities are the only reward options; no options for physical Amazon products like in Nectar.
  • Same integration suite with the exception of integrations with a swag management platform like AXOMO.
  • Chat and email the primary support channels, but lacks phone support.