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Reward Gateway Review

The Bottom Line

Moreso a full-fledged HR platform than an employee recognition software, Reward Gateway offers a robust platform and unique flexible employee benefits. However, the complexity of the platform and the unavailability of several features outside of the UK mean it's not for everyone, especially those who simply need less.


  • Provides several unique flexible benefit offerings to employees
  • Fully customizable and brandable platform experience personalized for specific groups
  • Customized blogs, content pages, and file libraries that can be restricted to specific users


  • Several features only eligible for the UK , and to a lesser extent, the US and AU
  • Steep learning curve to make the most of the platform
  • No monetary recognition or reward options for users that don’t live in ~50 supported countries

How It Works

The Reward Gateway platform has a plethora of features that fall into six broad categories: Recognition, Communications, Surveys, Discounts, Wellbeing, and Benefits. Recognition on the platform is monetary when given by managers and non-monetary for normal users, though users can nominate others for monetary recognition. Points earned from monetary recognition can be redeemed for gift cards, products on Amazon, prepaid Mastercards, or donated to a charity on the GlobalGiving platform.


Subscription Fees

The software subscription fee in Reward Gateway will depend on how many users you have and what features you add to your program. Reward Gateway's pricing isn't public, so you must request a demo and go through the initial sales process to get a custom quote.

Point/Reward Budget

Points must be purchased upfront in Reward Gateway and budgeted to different users. This system allows you to split your total point budget into separate 'pots' so that different people can look after their own pots for their teams. Each pot can have its own payment terms. So, one user may have a budget of $500/month while another requests funds on an ad hoc basis. The value of a single point can be whatever you like.

Getting Started

Once you’ve made it through the sales process, new accounts are assigned an Implementation Specialist to lead your project from kickoff to launch. This helps get the initial setup in place and ensure smooth onboarding for users. You are then handed off to your Client Success Manager, who serves as your strategic partner from the moment you launch.

Ease of Use

Reward Gateway’s user interface has a clean modern aesthetic. The platform isn’t particularly attractive, but it’s not an eyesore either. The user homepage is a fully customizable grid of tiles. You can determine what content appears in tiles, where they are placed, their styling, and who see them. This allows you to create a custom homepage experience for users in a way that works best for your organization.

This level of customization gives the platform a feeling of being an internally-developed intranet as opposed to a third-party employee recognition software. Combined with things like customizable blogs and content pages, several unique flexible benefits, user-specific file folders, and an outbound single sign on feature, Reward Gateway is more accurately described as a full-fledged HR platform rather than a vehicle for recognition.

But this robust feature set comes at the cost of user friendliness. For admins, there is a bit of a learning curve in navigating Reward Gateway and getting the most out of the platform. There are so many settings and feature-specific nuances that no one admin is likely to know every aspect of the platform even after moderate usage. Though for day-to-day use, there will likely only be a few key features most admins need to deal with.

Reward Gateway homepage

Reward Catalog

Users can exchange the points they earn for virtual gift cards or products from Amazon. Users can buy rewards that exceed their point balance by using their own credit card during check out.

The availability of rewards is mainly focused on the the UK, US, and AU. For users outside of these regions, options are very limited, but there is an option for prepaid Mastercards, which are accepted in the vast majority of countries.

You can setup a branded swag store handled in-house by Reward Gateway, allowing users to buy custom company-branded merchandise.

Reward Gateway has a partnership with GlobalGiving to donate to any of the 5k+ charities on their platform. Though these tend to be local, crowdfunded charities as opposed to the major recognizable charities, it gives coverage for charities in nearly every country.

Rewards can be removed from the catalog as needed.



Reward Gateway has a small handful of premade human resources information system (HRIS) integrations with major players like BambooHR and Workday. This kind of integration lets you connect to your HRIS to keep your users and their information up to date in Reward Gateway. For companies using a different HRIS, Reward Gateway supports custom integrations, which require your HRIS to transfer a file to Reward Gateway periodically to keep users updated.


Reward Gateway offers single sign on (SSO) integrations with several major SSO providers like Okta, OneLogin, and Ping Identity. SSO allows your users to log into Reward Gateway in the same way they login to other applications connected to the company. For other SSO platforms, you can setup a custom SSO integration, allowing you to integrate with any other provider.

Uniquely, Reward Gateway also offers outbound SSO, meaning it can function as an SSO provider itself, allowing users to access connected apps with the same credentials they use to access Reward Gateway.

Common Tool Integrations

Reward Gateway integrates with the two most prominent business communication tools: Slack and Microsoft Teams. These integrations allow users to view Reward Gateway activity and send recognition without having to leave these tools. There are also integrations for Yapster and Yammer, however, these are only one-way integrations that can be used to view activity from Reward Gateway, but not send recognition through them.

Additional Integrations

There is a Google Analytics integration that allows companies to track page views across their platform.

You can setup content feeds (RSS, Atom or JSON) for the main recognition feed and/or blog content. These feeds allow you to connect to anything that can display a web feed such as feed readers or smart TVs/displays.

Reward Gateway features an open API with documentation for the several versions of their API.

Analytics & Reporting

Reward Gateway has a strong reporting dashboard that provides data and analytics on your organization’s recognition activity. There are a variety of data visualizations and graphs and all data can be filtered by groups that are based around things like location and department. You can export the entire dashboard in PDF format or export the data from specific charts as a spreadsheet.

Any data insights you want beyond the dashboard, however, will require you to download the spreadsheet data and manipulate the data yourself.


Reward Gateway provides support via chat, phone, and email. They have two separate support teams: one for client support that helps the admins in a company and another for the employees of the company. Client support is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, while employee support is available 24/7.

The help center is very informative and covers the full breadth of the platform and its intricacies, but is mostly aimed at admins. It doesn’t have nearly as many help articles dedicated to normal, non-admin users on the platform.

Additional Features

Employee Discounts

With this feature users get access to Instant Vouchers, Reloadable Cards and Cashback for nearly a thousand retailers in select regions. Vouchers are discounted store credit and are applied just like gift cards. Reloadable cards allow users to purchase a physical card and reload it with discounted store credit whenever they like. The cashback option let’s you earn real cash on your purchases which can be withdrawn directly from you Reward Gateway account at any time.

Wellbeing Center

The Wellbeing Center is filled with hundreds of videos, articles, tips and other resources from wellness experts in three key areas: Physical, Mental and Financial.


You can send employee surveys using one of the standard templates provided by Reward Gateway or by creating completely custom surveys. There are four question types and the ability to use conditional logic to skip certain questions based on previous answers. You can also use the survey URL to send a survey to anyone, even people outside of the company.


SmartTech is an employee benefit that enables users to spread the cost of technology products over 12 to 48 months, with 0% interest. Users can choose from over 5k products via Currys PC World.

Cycle to Work

The Cycle to Work benefit allows employees to save up to 42% on bikes and cycling equipment from hundreds of retailers.

Holiday Trading

Holiday Trading is a benefit that allows eligible employees to trade in vacation days for cash or exchange cash for extra vacation days.

Car Benefit

The car benefit allows employees to configure and buy a brand new car for a fixed monthly amount. There are no deposits or credit checks and you just have to be employed for more than your employer’s minimum period to qualify.

Mobile Apps

Reward Gateway has two separate mobile apps focused on specific sets of features: The SmartSpending app and the Connect+ app. The SmartSpending app puts the Employee Discounts features in users’ hands, allowing them to access vouchers and cashback options instantly as well as reload their reloadable cards. The Connect+ app focuses on the recognition features, letting users give recognition and interact with recognition given by others, as well as view the activity feed. Both apps are available for Android and Apple devices.


Reward Gateway allows you to host customized blogs and content pages. You can create leadership blogs about strategic updates, publish videos that can be viewed on any device, and create web pages that provide important company information. Content can be delivered to specific groups, segmented by location, job role, etc.

Employee Files

Employee Files allows clients to host and store any type of electronic files on their Reward Gateway platform and make them instantly available, similar to a digital files library or archive. Employees can access them at any time and each file is specific to the employee and will be associated with the respective employee account.

Additional Notes

  • Reward Gateway supports the following languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Indonesian.
  • Former users will be able to spend their points for two years after being deactivated. They will be able to log into the website for sixty days, and after that they will be able to contact Employee Support for assistance.
  • On the spot recognition can be given in person by managers. Users can redeem their points by logging in and entering the unique award code they receive.

The Bottom Line

Moreso a full-fledged HR platform than an employee recognition software, Reward Gateway offers a robust platform and unique flexible employee benefits. However, the complexity of the platform and the unavailability of several features outside of the UK mean it's not for everyone, especially those who simply need less.