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Terryberry Review

The Bottom Line

As a veteran in the employee recognition space that's transitioned to digital, Terryberry lags in technical aspects like integrations and a slick user interface, but offers a high level of service in optimizing and maintaining your recognition program along with a strong background in specialty awards and trophies.


  • Extensive rewards catalog and custom engraved service awards
  • Good international reward options
  • Dedicated account support teams are responsive and accommodating
  • Strong analytics and reporting


  • Outdated user interface
  • Limited integrations
  • Mobile apps have limited functionality
  • No open API

How It Works

The Terryberry platform is made up of several modules you can choose from to craft your employee recognition program. The main recognition module lets users give monetary or non-monetary recognition to other users. When giving recognition, users choose the “award level” of the recognition. Each award level has it’s own point value and eligible givers and receivers. Earned points can be used to purchase gift cards, physical products, experiences, or donate to a charity. Custom engraved trophies, plaques, or rings can also be sent to users as special awards.


Subscription Fees

Terryberry has three subscription levels: Core, Plus and Pro.

Each level unlocks more recognition functionality:
-Core gives you access to milestone awards to give recognition for birthdays and anniversaries.
-Plus gives you the standard social recognition, which allows users to give recognition to each other and interact with recognition given by others.
-Pro allows you to setup points-based incentive programs that track performance point accrual over time and offer customized rewards for program winners.

In addition, you can add stand-alone modules to any subscription level. Each module adds a new set of features to your recognition program at an additional per-user cost.

Specific pricing of each level and module is not public and will require going through their sales process to get a custom quote.

Point/Reward Budget

These cover the cost of the rewards in your recognition program. This fee is impacted by the frequency of reward redemptions by users as well as special rewards your company sends for things like milestones and incentive programs. Funding for your rewards is paid upfront.

Getting Started

Terryberry’s consultative approach to helping you build your recognition program lends itself well to the combination of subscription levels and stand-alone modules they offer, which might otherwise be confusing and convoluted.

Since Terryberry has a required implementation process, things go smoothly from them helping determine the best program for your needs to helping you implement and launch it. Account reps are responsive and accommodating to your concerns and needs throughout the process.

Ease of Use

Terryberry has an outdated look and a bit of a clunky feel compared to other modern web apps, but this doesn’t have a big negative impact on usability. The primary functions of giving recognition, interacting with the feed, and redeeming rewards are simple to figure out for the standard user. Admins have access to a separate page of settings that’s reasonably intuitive, but will require some familiarization.

Terryberry homepage

Reward Catalog

Terryberry has a large variety of rewards that users can redeem using their earned points. Rewards include thousands of physical products, hundreds of gift cards, vacation & travel packages, experiences, and charitable donations. Terryberry also allows you to offer employees company-branded swag with their in-house swag store.

Their worldwide fulfillment centers provide in-country shipments for many locations. While reward availability will vary by location, Terryberry’s global shipping infrastructure ensures international employees still have access to a good number of rewards.



Terryberry can be configured to connect with most human resources information systems (HRIS) to keep your user list up to date, but they lack the kind of pre-made integrations that make it easy for you to connect to your HRIS by clicking a couple buttons. Instead, they will manually configure the integration during your implementation.


Similar to the HRIS options, Terryberry can be configured to work with SSO platforms via a custom setup, but is lacking in pre-made integrations.

Common Tool Integrations

Terryberry integrates with the two most common online business communication tools: Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Additional Integrations

Terryberry's Recognition Showcase lets you broadcasts the recognition feed, announcements, and custom slides to internet-enabled monitors.

Analytics & Reporting

Terryberry’s admin analytics dashboard gives you at-a-glance access to performance and engagement graphs for individuals, groups, departments and your organization as a whole. You can also add custom analytics reports to the dashboard based on a variety of event types and determine how data is displayed and how frequently it’s measured.

There are also a good variety of default reports to immediately access and download. All reports can be refined using a variety of filter options and downloaded as a spreadsheet for additional analysis.


Accounts in Terryberry are assigned small, dedicated support teams made up of your primary sales contact and customer success and support representatives. Each can be contacted via phone or email during standard business hours.

Having a dedicated support team to reach out to gives you access to decently responsive support that’s familiar with your company’s recognition program. And since they understand your program and needs, they’re able to work with you to effectively accommodate evolving needs.

Additional Features

Wellness Module

This module allows you to create a wellness program with healthful challenges that have their own leaderboards and custom prizes for winners. This module can integrate with popular wearable fitness devices like Fitbit and Striiv. Users also get access to a health assessment that tracks their overall health profile based on emotional, physical, and social components.

Mailbox Module

The Mailbox module allows you to setup inboxes that can connect to any external platform that generates an email. You could setup an inbox to collect customer feedback and recognize employees from the inbox. You could also setup an inbox to receive notifications from a learning management system whenever an employee completes a lesson. As long as the external platform can generate an email for task completion, you can send it to an inbox so admins can review and award recognition.

Recognition University

Recognition University provides employee recognition training opportunities for managers and leaders to help create a culture of recognition in your organization. This private training can be an on-site workshop or web-based learning experience conducted by industry experts with training materials and coursework.

Mobile Apps

Terryberry offers mobile apps for Android and Apple devices so you can give recognition on the go. However, the apps are relatively new, so there is limited functionality and some buggy behavior.

Additional Notes

  • Recognition can be printed as a certificate or shared to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  • Has an employee directory that can be searched by individual or organizational unit. Directory displays users’ email, position, and anniversary dates.
  • User can set goals for specific items in the rewards catalog and track their progress to the reward.
  • Admins can create announcements that are sent to all employees and can be pinned to top of feed.

The Bottom Line

As a veteran in the employee recognition space that's transitioned to digital, Terryberry lags in technical aspects like integrations and a slick user interface, but offers a high level of service in optimizing and maintaining your recognition program along with a strong background in specialty awards and trophies.