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The Bottom Line

WorkTango's recognition features make for a decent peer-to-peer employee recognition program, but it's true strengths don't shine until you take advantage of its powerful performance management and survey offerings, which not every company will be interested in or willing to commit to.


  • Powerful performance management and survey toolsets
  • Flexible rewards catalog with good availability
  • Good admin dashboard effective at keeping you on track


  • Minimum annual agreement of $5k and term length of 2 years
  • Few help center articles
  • Buggy, inconsistent mobile app

How It Works

The WorkTango platform is divided into three suites of features: recognition, performance management, and surveys. The recognition suite is a a monetary peer-to-peer recognition program. Users give recognition to other users with points that have an exchange rate of 100 points = $1. These points expire and refresh on a cadence determined by the company. Earned points can be redeemed for gift cards, physical products, charities, prepaid debit cards, and events/experiences.


Subscription Fees

WorkTango has different subscription pricing based on whether you're using the recognition, performance management, and/or survey features. How much you are charged for each set of features depends on how many employees your company has. Here we will focus on the pricing of the main recognition program, but pricing can get significantly higher once you add performance management and/or survey functionality.

Recognition Program Fees

100 - 250 employees: Starts at $5.00 monthly per employee, billed annually

250 - 1000 employees: Starts at $4.25 monthly per employee, billed annually

1000+ employees: custom quote

Point/Reward Budget

In order for users to be able to exchange their points for rewards, you must keep money in your rewards balance. This is done by manually refilling the balance. How often you do this and in what amounts will depend on the overall reward redemption behavior of your users.

Getting Started

WorkTango generally doesn’t deal with companies with less than 100 employees, but companies with enough employees can reach out to WorkTango to schedule a meeting with a sales rep. This will progress through a typical sales process until you’ve signed an agreement. WorkTango has minimum annual agreements of $5k with a minimum term length of two years

New accounts are also required to purchase an onboarding service package, which starts at $1k. But this does ensure a custom-tailored onboarding experience and a smooth launch for users.

Ease of Use

WorkTango’s interface is attractive and modern. And though the platform has a variety of features across it’s recognition, performance management, and survey offerings, it avoids feeling overwhelming.

Depending on your organization, you may rarely use some features, so there will be ambiguity in what some left-side menu options are actually for. But for those things that you actually need to do, WorkTango makes it easy for users to see what’s important and manage actions steps right on their homepage dashboard. And those things you want to do, like give recognition or redeem rewards, are simple.

Admin users have many more settings and options, but WorkTango separates this into its own admin dashboard, which is similar to the normal dashboard, but with admin-only menu options. This gives admins access to all admin settings along with quick ‘at a glance’ info from across the account, nudges for things that need attention, and a to-do list for admin actions that must to be completed.

Though effective at keeping admins on top of what needs to be done, trying to figure out how to do certain things is not quite as intuitive in the admin dashboard compared to the normal user dashboard.

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Reward Catalog

The rewards catalog is large, with hundreds of diverse options across gift cards, physical products, charity donations, prepaid Visa/Mastercards, tickets to events, and local experiences. If a user doesn’t have enough points for a reward, they can pay the difference in cash via Paypal.

The rewards catalog can be customized by removing default items or adding your own custom rewards that you fulfill. Using the default rewards, you can create specially curated catalogs of items that can be redeemed by receivers of special awards, like Employee of the Month. Users can also pool their points together for group reward redemptions, like a company pizza party.

The availability of rewards, however, drops depending on the location of the user. International users, particularly those in developing countries, may see significantly fewer options, but thanks to WorkTango’s global fulfillment centers for their physical products, the drop off isn’t as bad as it could be.



Human resources information system (HRIS) integrations let you sync your user list with your HRIS, minimizing the amount of user management needed. WorkTango has several pre-made integrations for the most popular HRIS platforms, but if you use a different HRIS, a custom file sync integration can also be put in place.


Single sign on (SSO) enables your users to access WorkTango with the same login credentials they use to access the company's other business tools. WorkTango supports custom SSO configuration, so you can manually set it up to work with most SSO platforms.

Common Tool Integrations

WorkTango integrates with the common collaboration tools Microsoft Teams and Slack as well as the less common Yammer and enterprise chat tool Chatter. There is also an integration with Microsoft Outlook which lets you send recognition and see upcoming tasks without leaving your inbox.

WorkTango also has an integration with Speakap, making it more accessible to deskless, mobile employees for organizations that use Speakap to connect their frontline workforce to the rest of the organization.

Additional Integrations

An enterprise-level integration with SAP's Human Capital Management software suite, allowing you to connect the HR data points in WorkTango to SAP.

An open API, so companies can develop custom applications that use data from or send data to WorkTango.

Analytics & Reporting

WorkTango provides the basic reporting features admins need to analyze and visualize engagement and participation across the platform, but it doesn’t offer much beyond these basics for those that want to dig deep into the data. A nice addition, however, is the ability to schedule report delivery via email and receive alerts when metrics exceed or fall below specified thresholds.


WorkTango’s main modes of support are email and phone support. You may find yourself leaning on support since WorkTango has a scant selection of help center articles and dedicated account managers require a minimum annual spend of $50k.

Additional Features

Performance Management

WorkTango’s performance management toolset lets you set goals and milestones at the company, department, or individual level, or create shared goals across a group of individuals. Lower level goals are setup to align with higher-level goals.

To keep track of goals, managers can schedule Check Ins and Sync Ups. Check Ins are automated self-evaluation surveys where users can document their progress towards a goal. Sync Ups are direct meetings between an individual or group with their manager. WorkTango manages the calendar invites for Sync Ups and allows managers to add relevant milestones, goals, and other topics to your agenda.


WorkTango is the result of the employee recognition company formerly known as Kazoo acquiring and merging with WorkTango, which was a stand-alone employee feedback platform. The result is a recognition platform with a robust survey offering that is highly configurable, provides advanced analytics, and gives access to expert consulting services to get the most out of your company surveys.

Mobile App

WorkTango has mobile apps for Android and Apple devices. Non-admin users will have most of the same functionality in the mobile app as they do in the web app. However, the mobile app experience is inconsistent and you may often find yourself unable to use it at all.

Additional Notes

  • WorkTango has a people directory with a searchable list of all users and their name, title, location and profile pic. The directory can be used to easily give group recognition.
  • Talent assessments allow you to designate an employee’s performance level within the company by choosing from a 3×3 performance grid.
  • Can add custom links to the left-side menu that link to company sites and tools.
  • Can highlight important things by pinning recognition or creating an announcement on the top of the feed.
  • Available in 9 languages

The Bottom Line

WorkTango's recognition features make for a decent peer-to-peer employee recognition program, but it's true strengths don't shine until you take advantage of its powerful performance management and survey offerings, which not every company will be interested in or willing to commit to.